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Seeing Green

Seeing Green tells the story of three scientific renegades; a botanist, a forester, and a philosopher who listen and learn from plants.  Throughout their careers they have pushed boundaries and persevered through controversy.  Today the world is finally waking up to their message.

Robin Wall Kimmerer reveals how plant science framed in an Indigenous worldview can create seismic change. With her discovery that trees communicate and collaborate, Suzanne Simard is revolutionizing forestry industry practices globally. While Paco Calvo’s infectious enthusiasm for plants challenges the perception that we humans are the only intelligent life form on earth. In this era of accelerating disasters, can the lessons learned from plants lead us out of the current ecological crisis?

Together Kimmerer, Simard and Calvo offer a bold new perspective that has the power to change how we see the world and our place in it.

Produced by HitPlay Productions with the participation of the CMF POV, Ontario Creates and support from The Redford Center.

Distributed by Game Theory Films in Canada.


Director-Writer Su Rynard

Story Consultant Helen Humphreys

Producers Nadine Pequeneza and Su Rynard

Executive Producer Nadine Pequeneza

Director of Photography Sean Stiller

Still Photography Garth Lenz and Don Komarechka

  • It is our discontentedness and lost understanding about the amazing capacities of nature that’s driving a lot of our despair, and plants in particular are objects of our abuse… Turning to the intelligence of nature itself is the key.

    Suzanne Simard, Biologist and Author "Finding the Mother Tree"

  • Mosses take only the little that they need and give back in abundance. Human-designed systems are a far cry from this ongoing creation of ecosystem health, taking without giving back. I hold tight to the vision that someday soon we will find the courage of self-restraint, the humility to live like mosses.

    Robin Wall Kimmerer, Biologist and Author "Braiding Sweetgrass"

  • Probably, 95% of plant biologists would reject any association of sentience with plant life. So did I initially. But an investigation of older literature combined with present understanding led me to a more agnostic position.

    Paco Calvo, Director, Minimal Intelligence Lab

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