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An Unfinished Journey

Four Afghan women, three MPs and one journalist, are forced to flee their country after risking their lives to rebuild it. In exile they struggle to mount an international women’s movement to pressure world leaders to collapse the as yet unrecognized Taliban government, while coming to terms with what it means to have their power usurped and two decades of progress dismantled. From distant countries they watch the Taliban strip women and girls of the right to work, to be educated and to represent their communities. No longer in power, it is their inner strength that will save their country and return them home. When the world’s attention has shifted to the next headline and even the greatest superpower has admitted defeat, how will these women succeed?

Featuring Homaira Ayubi, Hamideh Ahmedzai, Zefnoon Safi and Nilofar Moradi.

Produced by HitPlay Productions, Anemon Productions and Les Films D’Ici in association with Global Girl Media.


Directors Amie Williams and Aeyliya Husain

Writers Amie Williams and Aeyliya Husain

Producer Nadine Pequeneza

Executive Producers Nadine Pequeneza, Rea Apostolides, Charlotte Uzu

  • We never wanted to leave our country... We are mothers of our families and our homeland. We will not abandon her.

    Homaira Ayubi, Former MP Kabul Province

  • I have seen my colleagues disappear these past weeks. I cannot bear it to stay away.

    Nilofar Moradi, Journalist

  • We are here for justice and we will raise the face of justice, creating an international network of women.

    Hamideh Ahmedzai, Former Kochi MP

  • We don’t go to Canada to be housewives. We won’t just be the strange and miserable voice in the media... The world needs to know what Afghan women are capable of.

    Zefnoon Safi, Former MP Laghman Province

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