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An Unfinished Journey

Forced to flee their country after the Taliban take-over in 2021, four Afghan women leaders struggle to keep the world’s attention on the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan, while coming to terms with what it means to have their power usurped and two decades of progress dismantled. From their distant exile-countries these four female leaders – past parliamentarians, ministers and journalists – watch the Taliban strip women and girls of the right to be educated, to work and to participate in society. No longer in positions of influence, they are forced to reinvent themselves to continue the fight for a free and just Afghanistan. When the world’s attention has turned to the next headline and even the greatest superpower has admitted defeat, can these women succeed?

Featuring Nargis Nehan, Homaira Ayubi, Nilofar Moradi, Zefnoon Safi.

Distributed by Game Theory Films (Canada).


Directors Aeyliya Husain, Amie Williams

Writer Aeyliya Husain

Producers Nadine Pequeneza, Charlotte Uzu

Executive Producers Nadine Pequeneza, Charlotte Uzu

Produced by HitPlay Productions and Les Films D’Ici in association with CBC, ARTE and ERT with the participation of CMF POV, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, and the Ontario Media Development Corporation Film and Television Tax Credit. Additional support provided by the Harnisch Foundation, Micheal Stars Foundation, Global Girl Media.

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