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1047 DAYS

A teenage girl struggling to survive in solitary confinement bonds with a guard conflicted over his role in a system that is ultimately found guilty of her murder. A true story based on the last days of Ashley Smith’s life inside a maximum security prison in Kitchener, Ontario.

At age 19, Ashley Smith has spent the last three years alone in a cell, locked up for throwing apples at a postman. Her 30-day sentence has turned into nearly four years for “bad behaviour”. Unable to stop Ashley from tying ligatures around her neck, guards are ordered not to enter her cell unless she stops breathing.

Blending truth and magic realism, 1047 DAYS tells the story of Ashley Smith’s last days inside Kitchener’s Grand Valley Institution and imagines an alternate ending to the brutal reality that led to her death.

Starring Glenna Walters, Bruce Novakowski, Tonjha Richardson, Alyx Melone, Rebecca England and Rory O’Shea.


Director/Writer Nadine Pequeneza
Producers Shehrezade Mian and Nadine Pequeneza
Cinematographer Christian Bielz
Editors Ricardo Acosta and James Yates
Composer Deanna H. Choi

Produced by HitPlay Productions supported through the CFC/Netflix Calling Card Accelerator and the Canada Council for the Arts. Produced with the co-operation of ACTRA Toronto.


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