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The Monster of El Estor

The Monster of El Estor is the tale of a demon that has inhabited a remote, rural town in Latin America since the 1960s and a people’s struggle to conquer its evil spirit.

Narrated by a young girl born in El Norte who has learned the mythic story of the monster by heart, this feature film combines the narrative power of fable and documentary. In eight chapters she recounts the monster’s birth, adolescence and middle age; introducing us to tales of bravery in the face of monstrous deeds. Interweaving present-day vérité scenes of a diverse cast of characters impacted by the mine’s operations with rare archival footage and compelling narrative, the film brings to life pivotal moments in the monster’s life when people rose up to defy its insatiable appetite. Spanning seven decades, multiple mine owners and national governments, this feature film reveals the systemic problems within the mining industry that lead to rampant corruption, environmental destruction and crimes against humanity.

Produced by HitPlay Productions with financial support from The Perspective Fund, The StoryBoard Collective, and with the participation of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the Ontario Media Development Corporation Film and Television Tax Credit.


Directors Nadine Pequeneza and Ricardo Acosta

Producers Nadine Pequeneza and Ricardo Acosta

Editors Ricardo Acosta and Nadine Pequeneza

Cinematographers Carla Molina and Alejandro Coronado

Sound Recordist Dave Draper

  • "What we've said here is what we have lived."

    Angelica Choc, Lead Plaintiff

  • “We live in a world where corporations commit violations that are so grave that they impinge on international law."

    Cory Wanless, Litigation Lawyer, Waddell Phillips

  • "This is not about money. It's about honesty, and human-to-human blame."

    Murray Klippenstein, Lead Counsel

  • "This is a Canadian problem and we should have criminal law and civil accountability in Canada."

    Grahame Russell, Director, Rights Action

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