Winning for a Living – HitPlay Productions

Contests! We’ve all filled out a form, mailed in a ballot, or rolled up a rim. The temptation is irresistible – after all, who doesn’t like to win something? But for some people, the lure of big prizes turns into a marathon dance with Lady Luck. Long odds and slim chances don’t deter them in their quest to win everything from free oven mitts, to cars, TVs, homes and vacations, all given away by companies hoping to attract more customers, and bigger sales.

Winning for a Living chronicles the contesting compulsion of four people who devote their lives to entering dozens of contests, hundreds and even thousands of times – even at the expense of their personal and family lives. This character-driven documentary takes viewers inside the world of contest fanatics for a different perspective on society’s growing obsession with consumer culture.

Format: 1 x 1 hour


Produced by Handel Producitons for CBC
Executive Producer Alan Handel
Director/Writer Nadine Pequeneza
Co-writer Allen Abel
Cinematographer Russell Gienapp and Mike Boland
Sound Recordist Paul Adlaf
Editor Glenn Berman