Radioactive: The Story of Madame Curie – HitPlay Productions

The discovery of radioactivity proved two things – there was a world beyond the atom, and it could be discovered by a woman.

Radioactive:  The Story of Madame Curie uses dramatic recreations of Marie Curie’s groundbreaking laboratory work, alongside interviews with her grand-daughter, biographers, and historians to reveal the remarkable life of a woman who propelled the world into the atomic age.

Captivating images of “Marie Curie” dressed in period clothing – crossing the Pont de Neuf, riding the metro, and sipping coffee at a Paris café – resurrect a woman who was ahead of her time. Heralded as the greatest scientist of the 20th Century, Marie struggled to be recognized in the male-dominated scientific community.  Through her diary and personal letters we get a glimpse of the drive that pushed her to become the first woman to win the Nobel Prize.

Format: 1x 1 hour


Produced by Barna-Alper for History Television
Producers Laszlo Barna and Alan Mendelsohn
Director/Writer Nadine Pequeneza
Cinematographer Mike Grippo csc
Editor Ricardo Acosta