Massacre in Sharpeville – HitPlay Productions

In 1960 shocking images from South Africa awakened the world to the abhorrent realities of Apartheid.  In the township of Sharpeville, 50 kilometers south of Johanessburg, police opened fire on a group of peaceful protesters, killing 69 people.

Featuring the incredible images of Ian Berry, the only photographer to capture the massacre on film, and testimony from officers, journalists, and organizers who witnessed the event; Massacre at Sharpeville recounts how police opened fire on a group of unarmed civilians.   It was an act of brutal force, that compelled the African National Congress to begin its armed struggle, lead by Nelson Mandela.

Massacre at Sharpeville also tells the story of one of South Africa’s unsung heroes, Robert Sobukwe, whose active resistance lead the way in demonstrations against the Apartheid government’s hated Pass Law.  Considered more radical than ANC activists of the time, Sobukwe was imprisoned for inciting the Sharpeville protest, and held in solitary confinement on Robben Island until 1969, when he was released to live out the rest of his life under house arrest.

Format: 1 x 1 hour


Produced by Barna-Alper for History Television
Producers Laszlo Barna and Alan Mendelson
Nadine Pequeneza
Cinematographer Craig Matthew
Editor Mike Hannan


Silver Plaque Chicago International Film Festival 2000