Inside Disaster Haiti follows the disaster relief teams of the Red Cross as they mount the largest single-country response in their history. Filmed over six months, this gripping documentary goes behind the headlines to document an emergency relief operation from first response to recovery. Embedded in the Red Cross base camp, the story is a first-person account told from the perspective of key players on the Red Cross emergency response team. Through their struggles, passion and determination, we explore the profound and complex role of humanitarian aid in disasters.

Format: 3 x 1 hour, Feature Documentary 87 mins

“Inside Disaster Haiti really delivers…This is terrific documentary work, not just news reporting. We are truly inside the biggest humanitarian relief effort ever, focusing on the Red Cross and some really great characters. You are really there with them, experiencing their challenges, difficulties and emotions.”
Filmmaker Magnus Isacsson

“The Haiti earthquake has generated a mountain of news and information, but little in the way of thoughtful documentary coverage has surfaced until now…a more complete, nuanced story of Haiti and its people as they rebuild from the earthquake.”
Sudha Krishna, Now Public

“They were determined to cover disaster-relief efforts from the inside, completely embedded with the International Federation of Red Crosses. The result is a gripping three-part documentary… Inside Disaster Haiti deftly captures not only that drama, but the quirks of Haiti itself.”
Kenneth Kidd, The Toronto Star

“Spares viewers nothing in this raw look at life in Haiti after the quake.”
Constance Droganes, CTV

“If you want to know more, if you want to be moved, don’t miss this searing documentary series.”
Chris Jones


Special Jury Award Sichuan TV Festival 2011
Nominee 2011 CSC Awards for Best Documentary Cinematography
Nominee 2011 Gemini Awards for Best Director of a Documentary Program


Canal D – 9 January 2011 (Feature World Premiere)
TVO – 11th 12th 13th January 2011 (Series World Premiere)
SCN – 16th 23rd 30th January 2011
Access – January 2011
Knowledge – January 2012

International broadcasts in Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, and by BBC Worldwide in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan and Tunisia.


Hart House Conscious Activism Film Series – 26 January 2011
One World Human Rights Film Festival – 10 March 2011
Vancity Theatre Reel Causes – 21 July 2011
Milano Film Festival – 17 September 2011
Kaohsiung Film Festival – 24 October 2011
International Humanitarian Law Film Festival – 10 March 2012


Part 1: Emergency
Part 2: Relief
Part 3: Recovery


Director Nadine Pequeneza
Producers Andrea Nemtin and Nadine Pequeneza
Cinematographers Stefan Randstrom and Tony Wannamaker
Sound Recordists Paul Adlaf and Simon Paine
Editors Geoff Rayes and Steve Weslak
Original Music Alex Khaskin
Executive Producers Andrea Nemtin and Ian Dunbar

Produced by PTV Productions in co-production with HitPlay Productions. In Association with TVO, Canal D, SRC, Access, iChannel and with the participation of CMF, CIDA, and the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.


Inside the Haiti Earthquake is a groundbreaking first-person simulation that gives users the opportunity to experience the earthquake from the perspective of a survivor, a journalist or an aid worker.

Winner 2011 Games for Change Festival
Winner 2010 Applied Arts Interactive Awards (Gaming)
Nominee 2011 Webby Awards (Best Writing in Online Film & Video)
Nominee 2011 History Makers (Best Interactive Production)
Nominee 2010 Horizon Interactive Awards (Best in Show)