Hero Dogs of 9/11 – HitPlay Productions

They searched day and night for survivors.  They were focused and fearless in their mission; working tirelessly, risking injury and offering comfort.  They were and will always be the Hero Dogs of 9/11.

When terrorists flew two passenger planes into the World Trade Center, the attack triggered the largest emergency mobilization in the history of the United States.  More than 10,000 responders heeded the call for help, among them were 300 hero dogs.

This documentary special uses a seamless blend of first-person accounts, dramatic reconstruction, and stylized archive to tell the amazing stories of three survivors who escaped the falling towers and the remarkable working dogs that saved their lives.

Hero Dogs of 9/11 was Animal Planet Canada’s all-time second highest rated show.

Format: 1 x 1 hour


Produced by Kelencontent and Starlight Runner Entertainment for Animal Plane
Executive Producers Tanya Kelen and Ken Bell
Supervising Producer Joanne Jackson
Directors Nadine Pequeneza and Kenn Bell
Writers Joshua Morris, Julia Bennett and Joanne Jackson
Cinematographer Stefan Randstrom and Michael Grippo csc
Editors Cort Bremner, Rick Clarke and Bob Doughty