Gold Medal Plates: The Quest for Canada's Best Chef – HitPlay Productions

Gold Medal Plates follows the most prestigious culinary competition in Canada, going behind-the scenes to witness an emotional roller coaster ride as culinary masters compete for the title of Canada’s best chef.

In a series of six competitions held across the country, landmark cities offer up their finest chefs to compete in a feverish one-day event and vie for a place at the national championships. It’s a gastronomic pressure cooker in which the chefs have to perform not only for the judges, but also for a throng of sophisticated foodies.

At Gold Medal Plates chefs are competing and fundraising, with ticket sales going to Canada’s Olympic Athletes in training for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Games.  At each competition chefs are coupled with Canada’s most famous athletes to help serve a dish to hundreds that still packs enough flavour and originality to impress the judges.

Format: 7 x 1 hour


Produced by Lively Entertainment for Travel & Escape
Executive Producer Leanna Crouch
Series Producer Alison Reid
Directors Nadine Pequeneza, Dennis Beauchamp, Robin McKenna, Scott Dobson, Richard Martyn and Lina Cino
Story Producers Nadine Pequeneza and Eleanor James
Cinemaphotographers Stefan Randstrom, Russell Gienapp, Christian Bielz, Mark Ellam, Mark Nieuwenhof, Josh Power and Andrew Sims
Editors John Hecktor and Marc Dupont


Gold Medal Plates