Blueprint for Disaster: King's Cross – HitPlay Productions

Like detectives unraveling a criminal case, forensic engineers investigate and deconstruct evidence left behind after major architectural disasters.

In the North American premiere of Blueprint for Disaster, we uncover how flames the size of a campfire suddenly erupted into a murderous inferno in a matter of minutes, killing 31 people inside the biggest and busiest tube station in London – King’s Cross.

Temperatures rocketed to 400 degrees Celsius. It took 30 fire trucks and five hours to put out the blaze. The King’s Cross disaster was a tragedy that defied explanation, and ignited one of the most baffling fire investigations ever solved.

Format: 1 x 1 hour


Produced by Temple Street Productions for Discovery Canada & Discovery US
Executive Producer David York
Series Producer Laine Drewery
Director Nadine Pequeneza
Writer Laine Drewery
Cinematographer Mike Ellis csc
Sound Recordist John Martin
Editor Geoff Rayes