Blowout: Is Canada Next?

Blowout: Is Canada Next? tracks the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and transposes the oil spill to Canada’s Grand Banks. In 2010, Chevron began drilling Canada’s deepest exploration oil well off the coast of Newfoundland, where the North Atlantic’s treacherous waters and extreme weather variations make it one of the world’s toughest environments for drilling. By detailing the latest scientific findings in the Gulf of Mexico, Blowout builds a picture of what an offshore drilling catastrophe would look like on Canada’s east coast.

Format: 1 x 1 hour

“The new Canadian TV documentary Blowout is about as good as Canadian TV gets. It’s the kind of challenging, in-your-face news treatment that fully justifies the continuing existence of public broadcasting.”
James Bawden
, TV Critic

“CBC’s Blowout doc scares to educate. The what-if scenario presented in Blowout includes questioning safety procedures and clean-up techniques … The answers are hardly reassuring.”
Etan Vlessing, Reelscreen

Globe and Mail – John Doyle recommended viewing 9 December 2010
Toronto Star – recommended viewing 9 December 2010
STARWEEK – “Pick of the Day” 9 December 2010

Radio interviews:
Ted Woloshyn Show on CFRB Radio 1010 – 4 December 2010
The Jeff Allan Show 570 News Radio – 6 December 2010
Eva Fragiskatos 680 News Radio – 7 December 2010
CBC Radio Syndication/National 14 interviews coast to coast – 9 December 2010
Taylor Kaye KISS FM Radio – 9 December 2010


Special Jury Award Houston Worldfest 2011


CBC Doc Zone – 9 December 2010
SRC – 11 April 2011


Worldfest-Houston – 12 April 2011




Director/Writer Nadine Pequeneza
Co-director Peter Findley
Producers Nadine Pequeneza and Linda Stregger
Cinematographer Mike Ellis csc
Sound Recordist Peter Sawade
Editor Rob Jackson
Original Music Alex Khaskin
Executive Producer Barbara Barde

Produced by HitPlay Productions and Up Front Entertainment. In Association with CBC, SRC, and with the participation of CMF.


Up Front Entertainment