Argentina's Dirty War – HitPlay Productions

Three-hundred and forty secret detention centers are operating in Argentina. Tens of thousands of students, professors, trade unionists, and journalists are missing. In 1976 what began as the Gentlemen’s Coup quickly descended into a reign of terror, known as  Argentina’s Dirty War.

From behind the walls of one of the country’s most notorious secret detention centres, comes the story of ESMA, the Navy Mechanics School in the heart of Buenos Aires, where over 5,000 people disappeared. In this gripping documentary five ESMA survivors share their incredible stories of detention and torture. Their shocking testimonials along with dramatic reconstructions expose the moral and political corruption of a military junta that murdered over 30,000 people.

Argentina’s Dirty War also tells the astonishing story of Maria Hilda Puebla, a young pregnant woman who was kidnapped and brought to ESMA by her uncle, a Navy Officer. In the documentary Maria’s mother and sister hear for the first time from survivors how Maria’s baby was stolen from her at birth, just hours before she was drugged and her body dropped into the sea from a military plane.

Format: 1 x 1 hour


Produced by Barna-Alper for History Television
Producers Laszlo Barna and Alan Mendelsohn
Director/Writer Nadine Pequeneza
Cinematographer Göran Gester and Richard Stringer
Editor Ricardo Acosta


Golden Sheaf Award Yorkton Festival 2001
Special Jury Award Houston Worldfest 2001


Official Selection One World Film Festival 2001
Official Selection Tel Aviv Film Festival 2001